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One of the young chickens I have reared myself

My name is Neil Armitage and I keep about 300 chickens of 22 types in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Pennines of Yorkshire, England. 

I have kept poultry for several decades and this site came about because when I started keeping chickens I asked exactly the same questions. I also get asked alot of things about keeping poultry and what you see here is the result. 

My chickens

All the pictures you see on this site are taken by  me of my own hens or my friends flocks and used with their permission.

My chickens

I inherited my love of poultry keeping , and quite a lot of equipment, from a grandfather many years ago.

One of my broody hens

My birds are kept free range for the most part unless the weather is really bad which does happen a lot, or we are breeding and the birds are penned up.

Barnevelder bantams in the breeding pen

I never give artificial light and prefer my chickens to moult naturally and have a rest in winter.

I work for the National Trust looking after an old building for a living.

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you can email me at admin@pekinbantams.org